CPICU Introduction

        Since  the  establishment  of   the   first   council  in  June 2016 and as of  the end  of  September 2017, China  Power  International  Cooperation  Union (CPICU) has 63 members in total, with 22 as its council members, among which China Electricity Council (CEC) is its major initiator. As   a   member-based  organization,  CPICU   is   jointly    initiated    by     China     Electric   Power    Construction Association (CEPCA) and large electric power companies in  China.  Joined  by relevant electric  power   companies   and   service  providers  both  at  home  and abroad  on a voluntary  basis, CPICU  serves  as a platform for China’s  electric   power   industry  in  joining  in  the  international capacity cooperation. The  Secretariat  of CPICU is set at CEPCA.
        CPICU  works on communicating  with  governments  and  enterprises;  participating  in  electric  power related  policy  negotiations, country-based market research and matchmaking of  international  power  capacity  projects; establishing and managing the project and expert database for international  capacity  cooperation;  promoting  internationalization  of  industry standards;  and   providing   international   talent   training,  financial  and  legal  services  and information  on  overseas  investment  environment,  industry  development  policies,  market  demands, potential projects, etc.

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